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Possible Manhattan Location For Noddle Shop

New Yorkers adore their Chinese food. In the last few decades, Chinese chefs all over China have looked to New York knowing their special skills will be most appreciated by happy, knowledgeable diners. Such was true of a Chinese place in Elmhurst, Queens called Uncle Zhou. The creation of Steve Zhou, Uncle Zhou was the brainchild of his devotion to noodles. Critics and diners alike flocked to the small space to try his innovative and delicious take on many Chinese noodle favorites. The New York Times even dubbed the space one of their critic’s picks for those looking for flavor on a budget. While the small restaurant attracted many crowds, the owners decided to move elsewhere. However, his plans are clearly to open up a new space somewhere else. Those who love his creations hope that his new space will continue to serve the classics that he made famous.

Fantastic Noodle Dishes

On the previous menu, diners could try all sorts of fabulous and widely acclaimed dishes that were all about the use of deliciously simple ingredients in a truly relaxed setting. His dial oil noodles incorporated the use of garlic and vinegar along with a dollop of hot oil to finish them off. The noodles were available as either hand pulled noodles that were all about the use of skills to create noodles using age old techniques that have been perfected in China for many centuries. In addition, diners could also pick from knife shaved noodles. Those who live in Manhattan may have the chance to enjoy such specialties again right in their own backyard. There’s a notice on the restaurant’s website indicating his plans to open up again. Diners who are looking to get their personal Chinese carb fix will hopefully be able to get it.