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Kevin Seawright Finds Housing Solutions with RPS

If RPS Solutions LLC isn’t an organization you are familiar with, you probably aren’t from the East Coast region or the Baltimore area, but you may want to take notes either way. In all fairness, this is a relatively new venture started in 2015, led by Kevin Seawright. For Seawright though, bringing affordable housing and socioeconomic opportunity to communities isn’t anything new.

As detailed in an article from PR Newswire,, Kevin Seawright has been doing this kind of work for well over a decade now. Applying his financial expertise to save money and improve communities in such roles as being Managing Fiscal Officer for Aging and Retirement in Baltimore, Payroll Director for the Baltimore Housing Authority or most recently RPS Solutions LLC, his passion lies in creating better, stronger and healthier communities.

Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions are aimed at renovating and creating affordable housing solutions in the city of Baltimore and surrounding areas. Recently, a morning talk show discussed this newest venture with Kevin Seawright and the goals of RPS Solutions.

For those who know Kevin Seawright and his background, which includes work in the Washington, Maryland and New Jersey regions, none of this is at all surprising.

According to Seawright, affording “…home buyers the opportunity to have a home, and create stability…”, is the primary goal of RPS Solutions.

Finding alternatives for home buyers that are affordable and permit them to invest in their own communities is a key building block of RPS and the goal of Seawright. Certainly giving people homes and communities to be proud of is something that Seawright and RPS Solutions can be proud of too.  Follow Kevin online on SoundCloud, and his Twitter account.