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Giving Papers For Gold

Gold has been in existence for more than three millennia and has always been used as a measure of wealth. In fact, it was not until 1973 that it ceased to be the measure used for currency. In the 21st century gold, many financial experts have advised people to invest in gold. However, is putting money in gold worthwhile or is it just a white elephant?

Investment in gold is catching up with most people gaining a lot from it. First, gold is uncorrelated other investment. It doesn’t change in price in case of changes in other assets like oil, real estate or other minerals. This is because the prices of gold are determined by its own demand and supply which make it unique. Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter and  US Money Reserve | Crunchbase

Secondly, the supply side of gold has since dropped but the demand end of it remains stable. It will see the prices of gold increase over time. Lastly, gold not only carries intrinsic value but also monetary value as well. Investing in rare, or historically significant pieces of gold might go along way in diversifying one’s income.

Talking of historically significant pieces, one piece that is being offered for sale is the gold and silver coins to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. The coins that have been made legal tender under the Australian Currency Act of 1965 are beautiful.

First, a gold coin is made from pure gold weighing 2 ounces same as the one in silver. The coin display, the St. Edward crown, shield, floral emblem of Australia, official flower of each Australian state and an inscription. This is made possible with the professional expertise of Perth Mint industry, who made sets of 250 coins only.

For gold coins collectors, there is good news, 203 of the 250 coins are being distributed exclusively by Money Reserve. This is not the first time this company is because given the exclusive right for distribution of limited edition sets.

They distributed the Birthday proof coin of Her Majesty the Queen in 2016, also had exclusive rights of distribution in the United States to the 70th Anniversary of the Royal Wedding Platinum coin and to top it all they still have the worldwide exclusive distribution right to the 75th anniversary Pearl Habor Coin Series which was also produced by Perth Mint industry.

The new coin presents a good investment because of the low mintage status it has its historical significance and the exclusivity.