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Securus Technologies – Wireless Containment Systems

Wireless containment systems are the leading edge in the battle against inmates as they continue to find ways to smuggle contraband cell phones into the prison environments. It has proven difficult for officials to stop all methods of entry of these phones, and so the best method is to simply stop them from working even if they are received by the prisoners, and Securus is probably the best at that task right now. The company’s WCS technology has already been able to stop over 1.7 million illegal communication attempts between only 8 correction facilities.


Robert Johnson at the Lee Correction Institute in South Carolina knows the dangers of prisoner communication to the outside world all too well. That is because in 2010 there was a hit put on his life because of his job stopping contraband. He and fellow workers were able to confiscate a $50,000 large package from a prison gang. Because of this, the gang used a cell phone to call a hit on him while he was in his home with his wife in a room nearby. He was shot six times in the abdomen and chest from close range, and this led to him dying twice on the operating table, but he was resilient enough to stay in this world.


That is why he now is working as a consultant for Securus in order to help get their technology into more prisons around the country so that this type of incident has a far less chance of happening. One can be astonished at the desperation that turns some to such acts of violence, and all it took was a cell phone and a $6,000 Green Dot card for the gang to be able to put the hit out on him. A similar recent incident also happened to a baby who was only 9 months old when it was shot while his mother was holding it. Prison workers almost unanimously agree that the cell phones have become probably the biggest threat to their safety and the safety of others.


Also, there have recently even been prison videos filmed on the newer Facebook Live feature such as one that was released from the Evans Correctional Institute of Jose Ariel Rivera who was a 31-year old inmate there. The Securus technology is able to intervene by feigning as a cell tower of the carrier, and the cell phones attempt to connect and make outgoing calls, but only the numbers that have been preapproved such as worker phones are able to do so. They are still able to make 911 calls in case there is some emergency to report, but in general, the safety of the facility is increased a level by having such a wireless containment system in place.

Securus Technologies Keeping Violent Offenders in Jail

When a violent criminal is sent to our facility, it is very important we take precautions so they do not become a disruption to our system. It only takes one inmate with access to drugs or weapons to make things very dangerous for inmates, staff, and officers. This month a top-ranking gang member was sent to our facility, and he basically felt like he could run our jail because he had several gang members in this jail already who would jump on his command. Even separating the inmates doesn’t work because they have their own unique communication system tat they use to rule the jail.


Separating the gangs is problematic because the overcrowded conditions in our jail, so unless the inmates are evenly separated, they will attack one another. Keeping gangs separated not only shows them respect, it has been limiting violence until this year. Once the high-ranking gang member was here, all hell would break loose. Luckily for my team of officers, Securus Technologies was here to help us to keep the peace.


Securus Technologies installed a telephone monitoring system we use to uncover issues before they transpire. In the past, it was a challenge to listen to inmates on the phone at the same time, especially since we had a limited amount of officers we could designate to that area of the prison. Now, the LBS software monitors every second of every call, allowing my officers to get back to the business of keeping the peace.


Once the system was running, we began hearing certain chatter from the gang member we just housed talking about getting orders from the street on how to wipe out rival gang members. Each time a hit was ordered, weapons were discussed, or certain gang members were targeted, we eliminated the threats and were able to keep the peace longer.


The Securus Technologies Mission

Securus Technologies is a leader in the public safety field. They believe in making the world a safer place for everyone to live and work in. Their business is completed within the US, and they are respected and known throughout the world for the exceptional ways that they utilize their technologies for the greater good.


Correctional facilities benefit greatly from their technologies. They have special video communication that they offer to the inmates so that they can communicate with their loved ones on a regular basis. This works for the facilities, the inmates and their loved ones too. They are constantly hearing positive remarks about how beneficial the technology has been for the facilities as a whole.


One of their biggest clients is the government. They have many contracts with them. The company uses investigations, interviews and more to make sure that the environments are safe for both the inmates and the workers. They deal with over 1,100,000 inmates on a yearly basis, and they have proven techniques that work to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Their professional and dedicated staff work on diligently to create new technologies on a weekly basis. They are looking forward to creating more inroads in the safety field and to continue to uphold their lead.


Keeping the Prison Population Safer with Securus Technologies

In order to keep the inmates safe at our prison, me and my fellow corrections officers have to make the facility safe for ourselves, the prison staff, contractors in the jail, visitors, and anyone who is behind the prison walls. Inmates with drugs are a danger to anyone they come in contact with, and if they have access to weapons it is a deadly situation. A savvy inmate could make a deadly weapon out of common items like pens, toothbrushes, or even shoelaces.


To try and keep violence to a minimum, my team of corrections officers must be diligent at the visitor center or things will change hands that shouldn’t be in the prison. Despite warning these visitors about bringing things to jail and giving them to the inmates, the inmates can be extremely persuasive when it comes to getting the things they need. To help tighten up the ship, we have one resource that has been helping us slow down the efforts of the inmates.


Securus Technologies was responsible for putting a call monitoring system in our facility that allows us to listen intently to the inmates using the phone. The company CEO, Rick Smith, says the reason his system is in 2,600 jails is because is gets results. The company and all 1,000 employees have one objective, to make our world safer to live.


Our team was the first to be trained on the LBS software, and we saw results hours after monitoring the calls inmates were making. We began hearing chatter about inmates requesting things like hacksaw blades, guitar strings, and small knives. Each item can be used to cause severe injury to another, and we made every effort to intercept the parties before they had the opportunity to exchange the items with the inmates making those requests.


Holiday Visiting with Securus Technologies

When you have a loved one in the prison system, you know how difficult it can be to keep in touch with them during the holiday season. When a good friend of mine went to prison themselves, one of the most difficult things I found was keeping in touch with them around Christmas time because it was just too difficult for me as well as their own family to make trips there to see them. This was a problem that we all face and it caused us to feel like we were not a family or friendly with each other during the holiday season.


You have to keep in mind that it is also very difficult for your loved one to be stuck behind bars when all they want to do is be with their family during the holiday season. Because of the problems that I was having concerning my friend during the Christmas season, I begin to do a lot of research for video visitation services that happen to be available to the both of us. This is when I discovered a company known as Securus and started using it on a regular basis to have great video visitation with my loved one without having to worry that it was not secure or personable enough.


Using secure it with one of the best things that I have ever done for myself and my loved one because it allowed us both to come closer together during the holiday season when we would otherwise be totally apart. Securus was also incredibly easy to use and get the hang of making use of each and every time we wanted to use it. This meant that we both could use it without any problems and we were able to easily keep in touch with each other no matter what we wanted to say to each other at the time.


Securus is one of the best companies for you to make you some during the holiday season and it is something that you will find it incredibly beneficial for a variety of different reasons. This is why I continually recommend and use Securus for myself and what I have found it to be one of the best video visitation service companies out there on the market at the current moment. You might want to check out this amazing company for yourself if you feel like can bring you and your loved one closer together this Christmas season.


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Securus Technologies Harnesses the Power of ConnectUs to Save Customers Time and Money

While looking for ways to improve communications for inmates, I recently came across the new advancement with Securus Technologies. The latest in criminal justice technology is a new application that was designed to make automated forms available to inmates. This automated form is now available to inmates via ConnectUs, a portal that allows inmates to file grievance forms as well as to make specific requests. The best part is that the forms reduce the paper trail in the office as well make it easier for corrections officers to do the job they were meant to do, and that is to watch over the inmates and ensure their safety.


With the transformation to digital automation, this brings new opportunity to improve efficiency as well as to ensure that any medical requests or needs are all addressed in a timely fashion. This automated system is a welcome change for the customers of Securus Technologies in that they can now service inmates better while giving the corrections officers the peace of mind they need to do the work they were meant to do. Forms can also be changed within seconds without the need to fill out a new form. Stay up to date with Securus on


Reducing the paper trail is just one part of this new process, but it also helps prisons to process more forms on a consistent basis for each inmate every month. Additionally, self-service access to forms makes this process easier than ever, and as the technology continues to evolve, it will change the landscape on how nurses are able to do their job as well.