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Benefits of Professional Wiki Pages

After the very public and messy announcement of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s split, there have been edits made to Marion Cotillard’s wiki page. One nice thing about Wiki Pages is that anyone can edit or make a Wikipedia page to help promote businesses. These pages are largely open to the public, but that can backfire too. Her name has been put in the middle of the drama, because Angelina alleges there was an affair. The rumors have not been confirmed, but many have posted slanderous Wikipedia edits to her page.

One edit was to her occupation, claiming she was “reason why power couple broke up” and “cheater.” These Wikipedia revisions can be made and they can be fixed, but someone needs to be monitoring. This situation is why online reputation management is important. Wiki pages can be beneficial, however, they need to be monitored and one must update a Wikipedia page consistently. Businesses and individuals can use these pages to promote themselves. These pages can be updated to discuss accomplishments. For effective online reputation management, it is always a good idea to have somewhat of an online presence.

Wiki pages can be overwhelming and the professionals at can assist with everything from concept to creation to monitoring. Professional Wikipedia business page creation can gain you the exposure you desire, and increase your search rankings. Wiki pages need to be monitored to ensure no one edits them for negative information. Get Your Wiki can help you create and monitor your wiki page to maximize results. There are many positive benefits when you create a Wiki page.