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Learning About The Wine Growing Regions Of The World With Assistance From UK Vintners

Wine is one of the world’s most popular beverages. People all over the world love wine. Wine is the perfect thing in the house when welcoming new clients to a company or having a fun party with wine and cheese. Those who love to drink wines may be vaguely aware of where the wine is grown. They might have heard from Vintners in the UK  that certain parts of the world make great wine. They may have read an article about wine growing regions when casually picking up wines from UK vintners. In any case, learning about wine growing regions can help them make certain sure they are happy with the wines they buy. It can also help them learn why a specific kind of wine might have a specific kind of flavor. Vintners based in the UK can provide residents of the United Kingdom the opportunity to learn about what kinds of wines they might like to drink in their own homes.

Wines From Around The World

Many UK vintners, such as Highbury Vintners ( offer specific information about wine growing regions on their websites. For example, John Hattersley Wine offers information about wines from Argentina, a South American country with many wines that are renowned across the globe. A little closer to home lies Spain. The mild, dry climate makes for musky wines that people love. Those who want to learn more about Spanish wine growing areas can find help from Flavors Of Spain. Italian wines have become popular with residents of the United Kingdom. Italy has been home to many outstanding wines. Each wine growing region is diverse and does not necessarily have much in common with other wines from other parts of Italy. Drink Italy has a tremendous amount of information about how wine is grown here and why makes one wine from the region different from another wine from another part of the Italian peninsula. Wine in the United Kingdom can also be found from other parts of the world. In the United States, California’s Napa Valley is perhaps the most well known wine growing region. Other places where wines are created include Chile, Australia and Germany.

Learning More About Wine Growing Regions

Learning more about how wine is grown is easy. Many books are available that detail the process of growing grapes and then creating bottles of wine. The buyer will find the process buying wine much easier and deeper when they know that a wine region produces only certain kinds of wines. This can help them realize why so many French wines are prized because the climate here has been proven ideal for the creation of wines that have incredibly complex flavors. They can realize that certain types of climates are also ideal for the creation of specific types of wines such as port or claret. This can help them realize as well why they might want to purchase a merlot from one country rather than another. In doing so, they can learn to enjoy the wines they drink even more now.

Rooftop Vineyard Comes to Brooklyn

Wine lovers rejoice, the world’s first commercially viable rooftop vineyard has come to Brooklyn. Sprawling over 15,000 square feet, Rooftop Reds is already growing grape vines from fifty planter boxes spread atop the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This urban planter system was developed in conjunction with industry leaders from the Finger Lakes wineries and Cornell University, located less than an hour away in Ithaca, New York. The boxes are projected to be able to produce viable grape vines for the next twenty years.

The first harvest will occur in October 2016 and is expected to produce about 30 cases of New York City’s first urban vintage. A release is planned for the fall of 2017. The first varietals will include cabernet franc, petit verdot, malbec, merlot, and cabernet sauvignon.

The location also currently hosts a bi-weekly Pizza-Wine-Movie night and rooftop yoga on weekends. Event hosting is available for dinner parties, weddings, and other events. The space features a 600 square foot greenhouse lounge, 1200 square foot lawn space, a tasting room, hammocks, and spectacular city views.

As the wines mature and are available for service, Rooftop Reds will host a series of events including rooftop vineyard happy hours, wine and cheese tasting events, educational vineyard tours, and pop-up dining experiences. Each event will bring the location closer to its goal of becoming New York’s most unique wine venue.

AWC (Antique Wine Company) employs Stuart Young as Sales Director

The Antique Wine Company has made it public about the employment of Stuart Young as its new Sales Director to lead as well as expand its global team of quality and rare wine consultants.

Stuart is going to head AWC’s group of 7 in its London office alongside its international associates in Asia and United States.

Stuart began his profession in technology and, after a short interlude serving in the United States, took a job with Laithwaites, serving originally in its support center. In spite of prior knowledge of wine industry Stuart set up a revolutionary up-selling proposal, and due to his group development accomplishment started writing as well as providing sales training courses all over Laithwaites as well its founding company, Direct Wines.

Realizing an opportunity to combine his sales plus training knowledge, Stuart introduced Provenance Recruitment, in search of human resource for corporations such as Pernod Ricard, Bibendum, Enotria as well as Pol Roger, although after meeting AWC M.D, Stephen William, he was convinced to go back to the sales sphere.

At AWC, Stuart has the responsibility of doubling sales team in the coming 12 months since it helps in keeping up with the demand caused by the swelling international clientele.

Talking regarding his appointment, Stuart remarks, AWC is a company with big ambitions and an entrepreneurial spirit, which provides its team with exceptional opportunities rarely seen within the wine world. It is an exciting time to join as AWC continues to expand into new global markets.”

About AWC
AWC can be described as a wine as well as spirits business, which was initially founded over 25 years back by present chief executive officer Stephen Williams. From its Head offices in London plus its 2 sales offices based in Asia, AWC distributes quality wine to private people, resorts, restaurants, as well as international wine traders.

Whilst holding an obsession for antique vintage wines, the corporation’s brand range is mainly composed of modern vintages that are able to become the antiques in the times ahead. Regardless of vintage, the business just deals with uniquely fine wine.

Globally recognized as professionals in the quality wine business, AWC’s special stocks as well as services are greatly sought-after.