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Beauty Professional, Doe Deere, Inspires A Generation Of Cosmetic Wearers

Many people won’t believe the mild mannered young lady, Doe Deere, marketing expert and technology expert, is the manpower behind the very popular cosmetics sweeping the industry. When in fact, Deere says, her cosmetics are meant to give her wearers the courage to find their unique identity. At one time, Deere recalls her peers were not always behind her idea of conventional colors. It wasn’t until she received her certification from design school. Soon after, her peers began to take her color scheme seriously. However, Deere says, you can’t listen to your naysayer’s when it comes to something you’re passionate about.


She began her entrepreneurial journey as a young lady in her native Russia by branding products to her friends. Who knew Deere would be able to popularize novelty tattoos by wearing them and soon sell them to her friends because it was a must have. In her interview with Savior Laflare, Deere says, she was proud to have products that her friends could enjoy and would soon follow with brillant colors. Now, she is the cosmetic genius behind the Lime Crime brand which hosts intricate colors that have been completely unmatched by other big name brands.


Lime Crime offers a popular palette with unique colors that bring out your best features. Build your look with Lime Crime liquid eyeliner, lipstick, eye-liners, and eye-shadow palettes all with a touch proof finish. Your new outfit, hairdo, or personality can stand out with colorful rich hues bringing out your best features. They also offer a completely hypoallergenic formula based in super-foil with a complete buttery application. Doe Deere was one of the first cosmetic designers in the industry to experiment with the velvetine-matte base. She understood the importance of taking risks to be successful in business and her choice continues to be a success among busy professionals and young adults.


You can only find Lime Crime cosmetics at select Bloomingdale’s and exclusively from their website. They offer models of different skin types for their wearers to get a clear idea of how it will look on their skin type. You can leave your testimonial about Lime Crime on YouTube and share your story with thousands of others. Deere has also created a PURR line with a portion of all proceeds going towards housing, socializing, and litter training stray cats in LA. As a pet lover, Deere says, her cosmetics will always be cruelty-free and never pose a threat to animals. Learn more about Doe Deere from visiting the Lime Crime website today. Learn more: