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Why Susan McGalla Inspires Me

Susan McGalla is one of the people that inspire me. One of the reasons that she inspires me is that she makes sure that she goes after what she wants. I myself am going after what I want. I find that it is working very well for me. It has worked well for Susan. For one thing, she is passionate about apparel. Her passion has resulted in her knowing how the industry works. As a result, she has decided to use her creativity to bring forth the extra boost that a business needs. My field is a bit different. However, I am learning more about marketing on Steelers. Susan has put forth a lot of talent into marketing.

Of course on the road to success comes discouragement. I myself have come across people that have tried to drag me off of my path. It goes without saying that Susan McGalla is someone who has faced a few obstacles on her way to her latest success. They can come in many forms. One form of discouragement that I was faced with was people trying to tell me what to do and what not to do. One thing that could be said is that they had a life that they wanted to live through me. Susan herself has likely come across people like that.

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Another thing that Susan McGalla does that inspires me is pay very little mind to her genetic make up on She does not pay attention to being a woman. She sees herself as a human being, a person. She was instilled that mentality by her father. I myself only see myself as a person. I don’t factor any other genetic make up into my life other than the type of work I’m passionate about.

When people pursue their passions on, they are likely to come across people who want to stop them. One reason is that they are afraid of change. However, change is something that people are going to have to face. Also, disapproval is something that Susan McGalla has had to face on her road to a successful career as a marketer and consultant.

Doe Deere is a Popular Makeup Guru

Doe Deere
Doe Deere is a major figure in the cosmetics realm. People who are familiar with fashion and makeup often know a lot about this beauty icon. Deere is notable for being the founder of a makeup brand that’s known as “Lime Crime.” She created the brand on her own. She also works as its industrious CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Lime Crime became a reality for Deere back in 2008. She’s been working hard on the company ever since then, impressing makeup lovers the world over along the way. Lime Crime is located in sunny and lively Los Angeles, California.

Lime Crime is a big cosmetics company among people who are passionate about ample color. People who don’t like makeup that’s natural, subtle and inconspicuous are frequently drawn to this brand’s diverse and thrilling offerings. Lime Crime gives customers access to many cosmetic products that are suitable for the lips and eyes. People who want to buy bright “Unicorn Lipsticks” in bold and adventurous shades such as blue, yellow and hot pink often can’t say no to Lime Crime’s abundant options. Lime Crime isn’t just a makeup company that specializes in thrilling and unconventional colors, however. It’s also a thoughtful brand that prioritizes cruelty free beauty. The brand’s products are totally appropriate for vegans as well.

Deere often calls herself the “Unicorn Queen.” Her many enthusiastic fans do the same. People who want to witness Deere’s amazing power simply have to take a look at her numerous social media accounts. Deere has close to 400,000 followers on the wildly popular social media site Instagram. She has excited fans in locations all around the planet. They pay close attention to her Instagram postings. Deere posts images that depict anticipated new Lime Crime makeup looks. She posts images that showcase her latest hairstyles. She posts pictures that put her creative and fashion-forward outfits on display for the entire world to see as well.

Deere’s social media presence isn’t limited to Instagram. She’s also a big Twitter user. The fashionista and makeup pioneer puts a lot of effort into keeping her Twitter account up to date. Lime Crime has a Twitter account it can call its own, too. Lime Crime has well over 60,000 followers on Twitter. It’s been on the site since the summer of 2008. People who want to read updates on Lime Crime and Deere can easily depend on social media.

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Malini Saba’s Extraordinary Investment Career

Malini Saba is the founder of Saban, which is a global company that retains different investment interests across the world. In my view, she is among the top investors and philanthropists in the world that have a South Asian Origin. Her company has invested in technology firms in the United States. Additionally, it has made investments in China’s oil and gas sector as well as in real estate in India and Australia.

I have never come across a zealous philanthropist like Malini. She established Stree: Global Investments in Women in 2001. It is a non-profit organization. Stree aims to transforming the way low income women and children globally view themselves and their roles in the community. It was launched by Bill Clinton, the former US president and Queen Noor of Jordan. The organization offers a way for women to access legal empowerment and healthcare. It also offers a medium for grassroots movements to link with public policy in Central America, Africa, Eastern Europe, and India.

In my view, she ranks high among the most generous people in the world. In June 2005, she gave $1 million to start the first Heart Research Center in the world for South Asians. The research center was located at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, CA. Additionally, in 2004; she toured the areas affected by the Tsunami in India as well as Sri Lanka. She pledged $10 million to people affected in the Island nation.

Her investment profession started in the 1990s as a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. Saba has an extensive experience in the investment field. She has invested in over 20 technology firms that include Sycamore Networks Inc, and PayPal Inc., which was later acquired by eBay Inc for $1.5 billion. She also invested in Netscreen Technologies Inc that was acquired by Juniper Networks Inc for $4 billion. This information was first reported on the Huffington Post.

About Malini Saba

Malini Saba is a self made business person. She was born to Sri Lankan parents in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Malini grew up in Australia. When she was 19 years, she moved to the US. She only moved with $200 to survive. Malini lived outside the Stanford University Campus as she pursued her education. She recalls that starting from scratch was never easy. Being one of the most visionary people I know, she has rightfully shown that with proper planning and execution, anything can be achieved. This information was obtained from Malini Saba’s website as explained by this link
Starting out in Silicon Valley, Malini ventured out beyond the borders of the United States in the mid 2000s. She invested in commodities in South America, Asia, and around the globe. So far, her biggest returns have come from the oil and gas industry. He rise in the business world has

Helane Morrison Inspires Other With Her Stellar Career Moves

I like people that are able to transition from one career to another and continue to rise. That is something that is inspiring. I have found, over the years, that Helane Morrison is a career woman that knows just how to keep her career on track by moving upward as she moves on from one company to another.

Helane Morrison started as a law clerk. This, to me, in the beginning doesn’t sound like something extraordinary. It is an honest living, but it is a far cry from where she is today. What I have found interesting is that Helane was able to start building her career from this point. It was a great stepping stone because it gave her the opportunity to learn more about law.

From this point Helane Morrison has continued to thrive. Her transition from law clerk is where things get interesting. She would love this concept of litigation so much that she would actually transition in law school and become a lawyer. I know that there had to be a new found passion for law because she already had a degree in journalism. Morrison decided to go down a completely different path, and that is what led her to a place where she could get familiar with the San Francisco Securities and Exchange Commission. This was a very interesting position where she became a Regional Director. I think that this was a good position for her to build her name.

Over time I think that Helane Morrison has become the person that has molded herself into someone that would fit very well into the Hall Capital culture. She is someone that knows the rules, and she is a consulting agency that keeps things in order for Hall Capital. I like the way she has become a person that is able to keep climbing the corporate ladder. I think that this is a role model for many people that are trying to enter any phase of the business world.

Morrison is someone that has been able to lead as a Chief Compliance Officer, and this is a role that many women were unable of. So many people look at the CEO positions, but Helane Morrison made a conscious decision to focus on a particular area and master it. That is what I have appreciated about her rise. She has remained focused and driven throughout her career.

The Burden Of Responsibility For Corporate Misconduct Falls On The Shoulders Of Corporates Executives According to CCO Helane Morrison

The Justice Department and the Security and Exchange Commission are turning up the heat on corporations that like to bend the rules in order to increase profits. Investors and corporate executives are feeling the heat from Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. Yates recently told a group of investment bankers that the Justice Department will increase their efforts to prosecute Chief Compliance Officers and other corporate executives that condone corporate misconduct, according to Helane Morrison, the Chief Compliance Office and General Counsel of Hall Partners LLC in San Francisco.

Sally Yates recently announced the hiring of Hui Chen as the compliance counsel for the Department of Justice. Chen is a former federal prosecutor, and she also worked for Microsoft, Standard Charter Bank, and Pfizer. Morrison was the regional director of the Security and Exchange Commission in San Francisco before joining Hall Partners.

The Yates memo did point out there were several challenges involved with pursuing executives for corporate violations. There are endless paper trails to follow and it’s hard to identify the decision-making responsibility in many corporations, according to Morrison. Morrison knows that because she is also an attorney and the Managing Director of Hall Capital. Morrison also said that Chen has the budget to identify and pursue individuals within corporate structures. That is a first since the DOJ, and the SEC have always had budget restrictions that prevented them from going after all the individuals that violate regulations for the sake of money.

Chief Compliance Officers know that trying to follow all the regulations to the letter is a challenge. Almost 65 percent of the Chief Compliance Officers that responded to a recent survey said that the new developments in policing regulations may force them to leave their job as CCO. The stress of being ruined financially as well as having a reputation destroyed that took years to build ay be too much to ask any CCO. Morrison believes that many chief compliance officers will resign or take a position that is not in the line of fire when it comes to prosecuting corporate misbehavior. CCOs know that jail time and large fees are possibilities if Yates and Chen do what they say they are in the process of doing.

Helane Morrison is not one of those chief compliance officers. Morrison is familiar with how the government works, and she makes sure her company is well within the boundaries set by the DOJ and the SEC.