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Insightful facts about James Larkin

James Larkin was born in Ireland, Liverpool in 1876 and was an Irish trade union leader and activist. Though hi family was not well up, he received little education before venturing into the business unit in 1905, where he became very successful. Larkin later founded the Irish Transport and General Workers union (the Irish Labor Party) in 1907 after moving to Belfast.

The firm then changed its name to the Workers Union Of Ireland and the social activist later moved on to the Dublin Lockout venture, where he played a significant role, through which he is still well recognized for till today.

James then became a temporary organizer of the union where he played various roles with the aim of uniting all industrialists, regardless of their skills and knew how in the field so that they would operate under one organization that would cater for their welfare.

He later gained a permanent position In the party and was sent to Scotland where he campaigned against the Chinese immigration as he thought it a threat to the trade of his natives.

In 1908, Larkin founded ITGWU, a program which targeted towards providing all unemployed individuals at the age of sixty years and above with job opportunities. Besides, the organization also advocated addressing issues like the nationalism of canals and all means of transport as well as the availability of land for the people of Ireland.

Through his labor party, Larkin helped Irish workers fight for their rights and equal treatment in the nation, and he took various steps like writing touching poems including, the Arm of Ireland, fight for Ireland and no other land and many others. Read more: Jim Larkin – Biography

His campaign impressed some people like Constance Markievicz, who later joined him in his campaigns. Larkin also played a significant role in encouraging the Irish citizens not to take part in the world war which was about to occur as a result of its colonizers.

In 1914, Larkin moved to the United States of America, where he aimed at raising funds to repel against the British. Larkin later became part of the industrial workers of the world party as well as the Socialite party of America, before forming the James Connolly socialist party in NewYork, which would be the center of the other organizations.

Larkin was later deported to Ireland where he formed the workers union of Ireland party, which still advocated for the rights of all employees before his death in 1947.

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