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Meet Lawrence Bender, The American Film Producer and a Dancer

Anna and the King is a beautiful and smart decorated story of Anna Leonowen. It highlights the activities that took place during her teaching years. King Mongkut hired Anna as a teacher to the Siam royal family to teach Western science and English to his eldest son.


Anna arrived in Bangkok in 1862 with her convictions in place, and parasol held high. She was shocked to learn that the king had 26 wives, numerous concubines, 53 children, and slaves. The tutor realized that the Siam ways had little to do with the Territory and the King was not willing to change the situation. King Mongkut feared that the Marauding death troops from Burma were due to encroaching British colonials.


Andy Tennant, the director, transforms the oft-told tale into an explicit imperialism critique. The final misfortune of Tuptim, concubine, is due to the uncomprehending English interference of Anna and not Siamese brutality. King Mongkut cuts a romantic figure, and Anna turns her humorless demeanor, into an asset.


About Lawrence Bender


Lawrence Bender was born to a Jewish family in 1957 in New York. He is a renowned film producer who rose to fame in 1992 after producing Reservoir Dogs. Bender has produced some Quentin Tarantino films, TV shows, and documentaries. He has won awards and three nominations to the Academy Awards for Best Picture.

  1. Lawrence Bender took a civil engineering course while in high school just like his grandfather. He attended The University of Maine in 1979 and majored in Civil Engineering. Bender started dancing and followed the passion for some years before joining Tales from the Darkside, a syndicated anthology series.

Lawrence Bender has produced films like Anna and the King, A Price Above Rubies, Jackie Brown, Killing Zoe, Pulp Fiction, and Intruder. The producer also created more movies In the early 2000s such as The Mexican, Knockaround Guys, and Innocent Voices. Lawrence Bender has published articles at The Huffington Post. His Inglourious Basterds film made it to the Best Picture Academy Award. It was announced in 2017 that Lawrence Bender would be producing The Widow. Climate lovers know the talented producer for his efforts in An Inconvenient Truth. It was the best documentary in 2006 and won the Academy Award.

Kim Dao Says Goodbye To Her Family In Denmark

Kim Dao is a successful lifestyle and beauty vlogger. She makes videos of her life on Youtube.


It is the final day in Denmark. Kim Dao is about to repack her things. She is going to have dinner with her cousins later as a farewell. She will be going home tomorrow. She has just got out the shower. Kim Dao is heating up some leftover pizza for lunch. She does her repacking. She has to get her bag under weight limits for the airplane. She spends time with Aslan while repacking. She has a feeling that he knows she is leaving. They take Aslan for a ride and he seems happy. Kim Dao relaxes with Aslan while her cousin plays dodgeball with friends in the park. She films Aslan eating his dog treat. Learn more:


Kim Dao is back home. She is getting ready for her farewell dinner. She takes a peek of the food her cousin is preparing for the dinner. She says everything smells good.


It is the next morning. Kim Dao is going to the airport. She is waiting for her aunt to pick her. She has already said goodbye to her cousins which are now at work. She is going to miss Aslan. She didn’t record last night because she wanted to spend as much time as possible with her family before she leaves. She doesn’t want to leave. It has been a long stay in Denmark for her. She is headed back to Korea.


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