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A New Approach to the Breakfast Burger

The creative ways with which hamburgers are made has seen many innovations take place simply within the last decade. Within the many choices of other food that lie within the UrbanSpace Vanderbilt in Midtown, Andrew Zurica is taking his Hard Times’ Sundae kiosk’s concept of hamburgers and making it something to enjoy for breakfast.

Though some may scoff at the prospect of an increasingly health-conscious society embracing this idea, Zurica’s idea was actually popularized by his kiosk’s guests desire to include eggs within a burger. The end result is a breakfast burger, which flies in the face of those concerned with healthier eating.

The makeup of the burger includes two fried eggs that are soaked in a healthy supply of butter. An equally large supply of cheese is included along with plenty of bacon. The burger itself is a mere four-ounce patty, with all of the contents placed within a Kaiser roll that’s filled with poppy seeds and made in Brooklyn.

Zurica notes the size of the patty by saying that it serves as a complement to the egg. That’s in contrast to the usual approach of just throwing an egg on top of a burger and serving it up. Unlike the recently revamped policy of McDonald’s to sell its breakfast foods throughout the day, he only makes it available in the morning.

Known for his different takes on hamburgers and hot dogs, Zurica’s hamburgers are usually made from ground chuck and have generous helpings of American cheese on them.