Celebrate Freedom at ‘Merica

‘Merica,a new restaurant at 320 East Sixth Street in the East Village, celebrates (and spoofs) the good ol’ U.S. of A. in ways you have never seen. The space opens October 15 and is owned and operated by Zach Neil and Radouane Eljaouhari, the team that brought New York such spectacles as Beetle House, a bar themed around Tim Burton, and Stay Classy, a Will Ferrel-themed bar.


The restaurant’s decor includes stereotypically American pieces like huge guns, huge flags, and huge portions of unhealthy food favorites. The menu of course includes burgers inspired by each presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton’s version, “The 100 Calorie Lie” is a triple cheeseburger featuring bacon and a layer of mac and cheese, advertised as being just 100 calories (get it?). Then there is the “T-Rump Mexican Burger.” This treat has American and Mexican pepper jack cheese separated with a “wall” of grilled mushrooms, peppers, and onions, all on a patty made with beef from the butt of the cow. The bar at ‘Merica will just serve wine and beer for now.


In addition to serving up kitschy food and decor, the restaurant will also host weekly debate nights on Thursdays where customers can battle it out over a variety of topics from the silly to the serious. The debate losers will be punished with a food-related penalty, like paying for the winner’s dinner. ‘Merica is also planning a “Chuck Norris week” where patrons who wear camo will get a discount and Chuck Norris movies will play on screens around the restaurant.

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