Chef Shaun Hergatt: Out with the Old, In with the New

When Juni, the award-winning Midtown restaurant run by Australian chef Shaun Hergatt, closed last May, there was plenty of disappointment in the Hotel Chandler. Now, according to a recent article in the New York Times, Chef Hergatt is opening a new establishment, again in the setting of a trendy hotel but this time with a major difference: his new restaurant will be closed to the general public (
The new restaurant – it hasn’t yet been named – will be located on the 12th floor of 432 Park Avenue. The 96-story skyscraper is still under construction, although some of its stories are now open. When finished and occupied, 432 Park Avenue is going to be the tallest residential establishment in the Americas, as well as the second-tallest building in New York City. Chef Hergatt’s restaurant, designed by Bentel and Bentel, is slated to open sometime this fall. It will occupy an entire floor of its own, complete with a lounge and huge luxury terrace; the terrace measures 5,000 square feet all by itself.
But unlike his previous establishment at Juni, Chef Hergatt’s new place will be completely private, open only to the residents of 432 Park Avenue and their guests. That means that diners interested in sampling the Michelin-starred chef’s elegant cuisine will need to know someone who lives in 432 Park Avenue. When complete, the residential skyscraper will contain 104 condos.
Shaun Hergatt is sharing in the new venture with Scott Sozmen. The position of sommelier will be occupied by Michael Scaffidi.

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