Chefs Are Banding Together to Take Striped Bass Off Menus

Overfishing has been a concern of environmentalists for decades, and they have targeted both consumers and fishermen to stop buying, selling, and eating fish that are in danger of becoming extinct as per the Skout app. This latest push to help save an endangered fish is coming from a somewhat unusual source, New York City chefs.

Chef Kerry Heffernan, whose most recent restaurant is Grand Banks is leading the movement to convince his fellow chefs to stop serving striped bass at their restaurants. Catches of the striped bass are down 85% by both recreational and commercial fisheries. Reproduction is also down significantly, putting this majestic creature in danger of becoming extinct if something is not done to preserve it. Heffernan says that he realized something needed to be done when he was able to win the Manhattan Cup, a New York City inshore catch-and-release fishing tournament with a relatively small 18-inch striped bass in the fly fishing devision. He has long been an advocate of conservation and decided it was time to do something about the fish.

Along with several other chefs in the New York area, including Tom Colicchio, Floyd Cardoz, Harold Dieterle,and Dave Pasternack, Heffernan has taken striped bass off his menu and has replaced it with similar fish that are in less danger of going extinct. He has also started a campaign to create awareness of the problem, and is using the hashtag #saveourstripers on social media.

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