Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare Comes to Manhattan

Expensive food when it comes to Manhattan is a fairly common circumstance, so the arrival of Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare wouldn’t ordinarily get that much attention. However, some of the changes made from the original Brooklyn restaurant are noteworthy because of the more customer-friendly approach being taken by management.

The prices for this new establishment, located on West 37th Street, remain far beyond the financial capacity of anyone not in a high-income bracket. However, some rules that were in place during the restaurant’s time in Brooklyn remain in place, including dinner jackets for men and a ban on photographs.

The exotic food remains one of the key reasons for the high menu prices, though there’s been more of an effort to exude luxury in the Manhattan version of Chef’s Table. That ambience is one reason that some of the guests that come to eat there hail far from the New York City area.

Another reason for the high prices stems from the effort to enhance the exclusivity of Chef’s Table by offering just an 18-seat counter for guests. Those individuals not only come for the food, but also for the atmosphere that gives them a look at the inner workings of those that are preparing their meal. One other connection to Chef’s Table’s roots is that a Brooklyn Fare grocery store is attached to the resturant. This serves as the restaurant’s entrance.

The menu itself includes such items as caviar and truffles, Pacific black cod immersed in a bouillabaisse, quail that was flown in from France and high-priced beef. Even the appetizers go far beyond what most restaurants offer, with many having a connection to both fish and Japan. These include sea urchin, mackerel and shellfish from various segments of that country, with caviar from China also being offered.

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