Citi Field: New York’s Foodie Destination

Every baseball stadium’s food options tend to reflect the local identity. You’ll find loaded hot dogs in Chicago, killer barbecue in Kansas City, and even Waffle House in Atlanta. In New York, Citi Field taps into the diversity and quality of the city’s restaurant scene to provide a truly high-end food program.


While teams across baseball are beginning to cater more and more to foodies, Citi Field already has star chef partners in place. Home of the Mets baseball team since 2009, the stadium has upped its game year after year. In 2017 alone, new offerings include burger guru Josh Capon’s Bash Burger; upscale Italian comfort from Nicoletta; and the city’s newest craze: DO, a cookie dough shop that sells varieties of dough in cups or cones like ice cream.


For the Mets faithful, even the “old standby” options are delightfully New York. Iconic chef David Chang serves chicken sandwiches at Fuku; Pat LaFrieda’s filet mignon sandwich is a delicious splurge; and pizza from Two Boots is spectacular. If you feel like braving the line, Shake Shack is always a solid burger choice. Even the standard hot dog is local – find Nathan’s, recently selected as the official hot dog of Major League Baseball, around the stadium. For dessert, there are cookies from Christina Tosi of Milk Bar, one of NYC’s favorite bakeries.


Citi Field doesn’t only class up the food options. A wide-ranging alcoholic menu is also available throughout the park, including delicious signature cocktails served in Mets-themed mason jars. If you’re more of a craft beer person, the stadium has tons of options ranging from Goose Island to local breweries like Sixpoint. And the best part? They cost the same as a Bud Light.


While the baseball team may not always be up to par, the Mets’ venue is built to provide a true New York experience with a heavy emphasis on the world class food scene. If you’re a local who wants to try something new, or a tourist looking for an overview of the food scene, consider catching a game in Queens this summer.


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