Coffee Meets the Benefits of Ganoderma

By the time Bernardo Chua started OrganoGold, he was already a successful businessman. This company, headquartered in Canada, came to being as Mr. Chua felt compelled to bring Ganoderma, an ancient Chinese herb, to the world. Ganoderma products had an appreciable amount of success in Asian markets, and this led Mr. Chua to look at expanding in an effort to bring this storied organic mushroom to consumers around the world. His initial foray into marketing Ganoderma products was through Gano Excel, which included direct marketing of these products, including capsules and instant coffee, to customers throughout Asia and North America.

OrganoGold is based in Canada, and has over a million distributors around the globe working on selling product for this direct sales and marketing company. OrganoGold is fairly well established now, allowing Mr. Chua time to focus more of his efforts on refining this product line, sales and marketing channels. He also works with a number of organic Ganoderma producers around the world. Cultivating these relationships, and maintaining them, are important factors when one considers that his entire business model is contingent on them. That being said, ancient Chinese herbs are often times newly found to be useful in remedying other issues, and the closer the ties Mr. Chua has to the producers of Ganoderma, the greater the chance is he will be made immediately aware of such developments. These relationships also serve to help him manage his costs, delivering product to consumers at competitive rates.

One of the pioneers of delivering this polypore mushroom coffee and tea around the world, he is helping spread the story and benefit of this herb to millions of people outside of Asia. Mr. Chua also believes that a direct sales business model is what afforded him the opportunity to grow his business outside of Asia so quickly. He feels this helped him distribute the product globally, in the fastest manner possible. By using the direct sales channels to market and grow the business, this has allowed him the time to educate the world about the benefits of this herb. He stands by the efficacy of this herb as something that is beneficial, and that which can help those who are able to leverage their daily caffeine consumption by using OrganoGold products, which carry the added bonus of introducing them to benefits of these mushrooms.

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