Cone Marshall Grows Their Network Of Clients Into The International Scene

Cone Marshall is among established law firms based in New Zealand that have devoted their service to catering for the needs of clients from different jurisdictions. The company deals specifically with tax and trust laws and has in the past emerged as one of the most preferred provider of such services across the country.

With a focused team of professionals whose careers have emerged as a pillar to the company, Cone Marshall has extended and penetrated into the international scene, where the company has entered into practice to help attorneys and professionals looking to solve property cases and tax issues.

Every company that gets professional and focused leadership is bound to succeed and this is one of the things that define Cone Marshall. The firm since inception in 1999 has been in the hands of professionals whose capacity at leadership is focused at steering the company to greatness. One of the professionals whose presence at Cone Marshall has brought success is Karen Marshall, who is a professional lawyer with years of experience in the practice.

Karen joined Cone Marshall in 2005 and before this move she was working in London, specifically tackling topics related to commercial litigation. Her prowess and experience when it comes to matters law speaks success and highlights the kind of dedication she has put to building her career as a lawyer.

After working with Cone Marshall for one year, Karen was appointed to serve as the principle of the firm in 2006. Karen works as an advisor to statutory trustee firms and her wide experience has been an essential addition to Cone Marshall.

Most importantly, Cone Marshall has been enjoying the support of Geoffrey Cone, who has been in practice since 1980. His wide experience and perfect skills have been a key aspect of steering the firm to its glory and he works seamlessly with Karen to ensure Cone Marshall remains the most preferred law firm in the country and abroad. He has worked with several companies offering tax and wealth planning services and has created partnerships across the world.

About Cone Marshall
Cone Marshall is a law firm that was founded in 1999 and its main areas of operation include offering assistance to clients in various areas. The firm deals with wealth planning and tax laws and over the years they have worked with international clients looking for help on trusts and planning advice.

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