Crazy About Cosmetics

The history of cosmetics in ancient Egypt illustrates just how very long makeup has been used. It is definitely a way to convey oneself as well as your style. I personally use to go crazy having fun with my mothers cosmetics when I was a young girl. Now as an adult I’m constantly searching for something different and new. Shades that I’ve never seen usually seem to catch my attention. Like purple or orange lipstick trends that I can effortlessly commit too. I love things like lavender lipsticks and neon green liquid eye-liners for example. My collection of cosmetics is fairly big. Ranging from playful colors to edgy shades.

Cosmetics gives me an opportunity to speak without using words. Everything from applying nail color to different eye shadow combinations is like an art form to me. I think this is why so many women love using makeup. Classic looks is always something I do for special events, but as an artist I always experiment. Thumbing through magazines is a great way to get some great ideas. Also video tutorials are a wonderful free lesson on any desired makeup look.

One cosmetic brand full of each and every little thing that is unique is Lime Crime. The lipsticks are really lovely and come in vibrant hues. Scrumptious and yummy shades to give you a burst of delightful expression. Sleek rich and creamy formulas for lips that will pop! Low-sheen finishes that can be used alone or played up with a distinctive colored gloss. The liquid eye-liners are so non-traditional in color. Arrives in a number of pigment-rich zesty shades. Encased in a dazzling purple tube decorated with a holographic unicorn. Stunning yellow, turquoise, and bright light orange nail polishes, that make a statement. I like that Lime Crime on ilovelimecrime cosmetic products are cruelty-free makeup that pack a punch!

I use cosmetics mainly because they make me feel special and give me a great deal of self-confidence. When my girlfriends ask me to do their make-up, I genuinely feel a lot more creative than I’ve ever felt in my life. Even so, whenever i am doing make-up on myself or somebody else, Personally i think there aren’t any limitations. It really all depends on what is being worn and what you want to say.

When I notice a women with extraordinary eye shadow, high-blushed face, and bare glossy lips, I am able to instantly sense a manner in which she expresses herself. Some girls choose a natural look whilst others choose a dramatic, captivating look. In any event, I could determine a little portion of their personality. That’s what so wonderful about using cosmetics, the limitless ways we can all stay creative and express how we feel.

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