Dandelion Hot Chocolate Comes to NYC

If you love the sweeter things in life when it comes to food, you should pay Dandelion a visit. The eatery is based in San Francisco and served delicious chocolate that is becoming well known in other parts of the country as well. Now, New Yorkers, will have a chance to taste what Dandelion has to offer. The chocolate eatery is organizing a pop-up in Chelsea from November 25 to December 3 from 10am to 11pm every day.

Dandelion offers sweet treats like toffee, s’mores, canelés, and chocolate cake made with Nutella buttercream. However, the big attraction is the hot chocolate, which is made in-house. All hot chocolate varieties are $5 and come in flavors like Camino Verde, a lighter chocolate, house hot chocolate, and Mission, which is made from spices like cinnamon and cayenne. Gingerbread hot chocolate is also a favorite during the holidays.

Lisa Vega, the executive pastry of Dandelion, says that the restaurant is successful because the chocolate is flavorful but not overly sweet. She describes the process for making the beverage by saying that the kitchen staff makes ganache first and then adds milk and a little chocolate before diluting the ganache. A touch of brown sugar is added to the beverage to further emphasize the flavor the chocolate.

Dandelion has a factory in Tokyo, and this is the only location other than the one in San Fransisco. The pop-up shop in NYC will be the first location on the east coast. Vega also says that the company is planning to open another Dandelion location in California as well.

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