Di An Di Set to Conquer Pho Cravings

Vietnamese cuisine has expanded greatly over the past few decades, with diners embracing what was once an exotic choice and now serves as a viable regular option. In the Greenpoint area, a new restaurant that’s opening this week will focus a good deal of its menu options in the area of pho-based meals.

That establishment is Di An Di, which is located on Greenpoint Avenue, near Franklin Street. The name is roughly translates to “let’s go eat,” which diners will have ample opportunity to do as the trio of owners have their menu crafted to address such hunger pangs.

That threesome of husband and wife Tuan Bui and Kim Hoang, along with chef Dennis Ngo are bonded by their connection to another Bui restaurant, An Choi. Ngo served as that place’s first chef, with all three shaking things up in dining circles.

At Di An Di, the emphasis on pho includes a soup that has a poached egg and seared brisket on top. Known as Pho Thin Hanoi, it’s an acknowledgement of the owners’ culture and their fond rememberances of the classic Hanoi restaurant, Pho Thin.

Those looking for salad will have the opportunity to partake in banh trang tron, which merges green mango, sour sausage, quail eggs and shrimp floss with rice-paper salad. That certainly is a step up from the standard iceberg lettuce with tomato and French dressing.

Another available soup brings together water spinach stems, mushrooms seared in a woke, rice noodles and yuba that resembles a sausage. The soup itself is a vegetarian-based combination of spice and lemongrass noodles.

Those trying the rice-paper pizza known as banh trang nuong may be momentarily perplexed by being presented with scissors instead of a knife. That’s how this partial mix of ground pork, eggs and additional items is sliced.

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