Dirt Candy Has a New Location and New Dishes


Amanda Cohen, owner of the famed vegetarian restaurant Dirt Candy, has moved the eatery to a new, larger location. After countless complaints from patrons who stated they had to wait two months in some instances to get a reservation, Cohen felt that a bigger space was the right move.

According to Dan Newlin at the new Dirt Candy, you can try adventurous dishes like Brussels sprout tacos, as well as a tart that features chocolate and onion flavors.

The restaurant also features a bar staff, so you and your friends can enjoy a cocktail with your vegetarian fare. While Dirt Candy is only open for dinner, the restaurant will offer brunch and lunch service soon.

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  1. Dirt Candy also offers a matzo ball soup with kale and fennel cooked three ways. Cohen is also expanding the dessert menu, since there is now a pastry staff at the new Dirt Candy location. It is very good to write my paper about the Dirt Candy right now.

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