Disaster Averted

There are numerous restaurant chefs in New York who offer a bit of advice on how to fix some of the common problems associated with Thanksgiving dinner. One of the common fails is to have lumpy gravy. It could be because you don’t let the gravy simmer long enough on the stove, or you might add too many dry ingredients, which can easily make your gravy full of lumps. Transfer the gravy to a blender so that you can get it smooth to go over the turkey, potatoes and other items. If it’s too thin, add very small amounts of flour until it’s the right consistency.


Sometimes, stuffing can just get too soggy. This is a dish that isn’t appealing at all as there’s too much moisture. Spread the stuffing in a thin layer in a larger dish before putting it back in the oven to bake for a few minutes. This will help to remove some of the moisture, giving it a beautiful crunch. If your stuffing is too dry, then pour a but of belted butter and broth over the top. Don’t add too much because you’ll end up with the soggy stuffing that you don’t want.


If you don’t thaw out the turkey all the way, then it can turn out to be a burnt disaster on the outside and not done on the inside. Submerge the turkey in cold water until it’s thawed. You can also cut the turkey into slices to make it easier to cook.


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