Doe Deere is a Popular Makeup Guru

Doe Deere
Doe Deere is a major figure in the cosmetics realm. People who are familiar with fashion and makeup often know a lot about this beauty icon. Deere is notable for being the founder of a makeup brand that’s known as “Lime Crime.” She created the brand on her own. She also works as its industrious CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Lime Crime became a reality for Deere back in 2008. She’s been working hard on the company ever since then, impressing makeup lovers the world over along the way. Lime Crime is located in sunny and lively Los Angeles, California.

Lime Crime is a big cosmetics company among people who are passionate about ample color. People who don’t like makeup that’s natural, subtle and inconspicuous are frequently drawn to this brand’s diverse and thrilling offerings. Lime Crime gives customers access to many cosmetic products that are suitable for the lips and eyes. People who want to buy bright “Unicorn Lipsticks” in bold and adventurous shades such as blue, yellow and hot pink often can’t say no to Lime Crime’s abundant options. Lime Crime isn’t just a makeup company that specializes in thrilling and unconventional colors, however. It’s also a thoughtful brand that prioritizes cruelty free beauty. The brand’s products are totally appropriate for vegans as well.

Deere often calls herself the “Unicorn Queen.” Her many enthusiastic fans do the same. People who want to witness Deere’s amazing power simply have to take a look at her numerous social media accounts. Deere has close to 400,000 followers on the wildly popular social media site Instagram. She has excited fans in locations all around the planet. They pay close attention to her Instagram postings. Deere posts images that depict anticipated new Lime Crime makeup looks. She posts images that showcase her latest hairstyles. She posts pictures that put her creative and fashion-forward outfits on display for the entire world to see as well.

Deere’s social media presence isn’t limited to Instagram. She’s also a big Twitter user. The fashionista and makeup pioneer puts a lot of effort into keeping her Twitter account up to date. Lime Crime has a Twitter account it can call its own, too. Lime Crime has well over 60,000 followers on Twitter. It’s been on the site since the summer of 2008. People who want to read updates on Lime Crime and Deere can easily depend on social media.

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