Don Ressler Is Bring Online Fashion Shopping Into The Mainstream

Changing The Online Shopping Model
Online shopping is already digging at the heels of physical retail, but there is so much more room for it to grow. Thanks to the work of entrepreneurs like Don Ressler online shopping is going to soon dominate the fashion industry. His website,, is taking over the clothing market with its powerful use of the subscription model. Each month subscribers receive clothing options suited to their specific tastes. Although there are already many online retailers in the clothing market few have achieved the level of success and devotion JustFab has seen.

Seeing The Opportunity
The origins of JustFab are in discussions Don Ressler had with the co-founder of the website Adam Goldenberg. At this point in the internet’s history it was still in a sort of infantile state. There were websites like Ebay up and running but the sort of personalized experience JustFab offers its customers was no where in sight.

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Ressler understood that if he could bring customers shopping online an experience uniquely suited their taste Don Ressler would hit the jackpot. Using a subscription model to bring customers exactly what they want made sense. You need to gather data over a prolonged period of time in order to get truely accurate idea about your customers’ needs, wants, and interests.

Expanding The Market
For the price of $39.95 anyone can subscribe to JustFab on Bloomberg. With more than 10 million subscribers there is certainly something done right. The celebrity factor behind JustFab is likely a major reason behind its success. Kimora Lee Simmons has spent the last decade acting as the spokesperson for this brand and brings her success as a model into the brand’s image. Don Ressler even expanded into the market of athletic wear with the Fabletics online retailing website. Like JustFab Fabletics has generated a massive amount of success. There are currently 6 brick and mortar stores open but Ressler and Goldenberg plan on opening more than 100 stores over the course of the next five years. With the smashing success Ressler has seen in online shopping this move in the physical world looks promising.


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