Dr. Gregory Finch Can Tackle Any Ortthopedic Case

In the field of Orthopedic surgery, there are many different conditions which could warrant the need for surgery. With the body having so many bones, and the fact that people put themselves in so much risk on a daily level, it is just a matter of time that something will break or tear.

With the possibilities for orthopedic surgery being endless, there are some which are more common than others. Here, we will explore 2 types of orthopedic cases which are the most common.

Hip Replacement

Hip replacement usually involves patients who have previous conditions involving a hip joint. These conditions include arthritis and fractures involving the hip due to a fall. The reasons for a hip replacement is to restore a person’s range of motion and provide pain relief.

The procedure begins with the assessment of the damaged joint and determining the best course of action. After determining the best route, the orthopedic surgeon can then apply his techniques to replace the damaged parts with artificial parts that’ll restore the patient’s natural movements.

Hammer Toe Correction

With Hammer Toe, the orthopedic surgeon has two options at his disposal. These options include either changes to the tendons or changes to the bone itself.

Changes to The Soft Tissue

Changes to the soft tissues in Hammer Toe patients often occur for those under 30 years of age and who have a deformity in their toe. The surgeon makes an incision then releases the tendon. The surgeon will then either reattach the tendon or forego it. This allows the relaxation of the toe and eliminating any deformity.

Changes to The Bone

When hammer toe involves the bone the surgeon has two options. These include joint fusion or joint arthroplasty. Usually, the amount of deformity will determine which procedure is used.

So if you feel that you would benefit from any of the two procedures listed above or any other orthopedic procedure, then you need to get ahold of the office of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Greg Finch. Dr. Gregory Finch is a trusted Australian surgeon who currently practices in Nambour, Queensland, Australia.

Dr. Greg Finch is an Australian orthopedic surgeon specializing in spine surgery. Dr. Gregory Finch obtained his FRACS which stands for Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons after successfully completing several years of surgical training.


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