Dr. Richard Shinto: Innovative New Leader Of InnovaCare Health Inc

Dr. Richard Shinto is the president and CEO of InnovaCare, Inc. His innovative leadership has helped to make the company a leader in providing the highest quality health care to patients across North America. The company is also a model in healthcare leadership because of the ingenious method they use to ensure their patients using a variety of healthcare plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, have access to cutting-edge medical treatment at the hands of highly-skilled, experienced medical professionals. Dr. Shinto’s unique approach to healthcare is part of the reason for the company’s success.


Ensuring all patients enjoy great treatment outcomes and a better quality of life is Dr. Shinto’s goal for InnovaCare Health Inc. This is a perspective he has developed in his over 20 years’ experience in clinical and operational healthcare. His goal is a balance between quality care and efficiency and that is exactly what he has brought to

Innovacare Health. Under his leadership patients receive excellent healthcare delivered by some of the nation’s leading healthcare professionals and paid for using innovative insurance support.


Prior to taking over at InnovaCare Health, Dr. Richard Shinto was Aveta Inc. president and CEO. His ability to mesh the company’s goals of providing excellent patients care with the implementation of a profitable, sustainable business model led Ernst & Young to name Dr. Shinto Entrepreneur Of The Year. Dr. Shinto was also NAMM California’s Chief Medical Officer and served as Medical Pathways Management Company’s Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer. He also served as MedPartners Corporate Vice President of Medical Management from 1996-1997. Dr. Shinto then left to take the position as Orange Country, California based Cal Optima Health Plan’s Chief Medical Officer.


Dr. Shinto has a Bachelor of Science degree from UC Irvine and an MBA from University of Redlands and graduated from Stony Brook College of the State University of New York with his medical degree. Dr. Shinto was trained as a pulmonologist and an internist and practiced medicine in Southern California for many years. An author, Rick Shinto has written extensively on clinical medicine as well as healthcare and healthcare management. When he took over at InnovaCare, Inc., Dr. Shinto brought a unique vision of how healthcare could be transformed as well as the knowledge, experience and ability necessary to do it. Go Here for related Information.


His work with PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare, InnovaCare’s subsidiaries in Puerto Rico, has been outstanding.



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