Dr. Saad Saad: A Successful and Kindhearted Doctor

The people of Palestine has been struggling for years to fight for their homeland, and as a result of endless wars with their neighbors, the country today does not have any defined borders, and their people have been living overseas as refugees. The family of Dr. SaadSaad is one of the thousands of Palestinian families who have chosen to live abroad in search of a better life. During his childhood days, his family settled in Kuwait. The young Dr. SaadSaad is being persuaded by his brothers to take up engineering, but he is unsure whether the profession is his calling. One day, under the scorching sun, he realized that he does not want to be an engineer because he will be subjected to work under the sun and he would not like it. He wanted to work in a room with an air-conditioning system, and he realized that what he wanted is to become a physician.



His family consists of engineers, doctors, and teachers, and when he told his parents about his plan to become a doctor, they gave their full support. Dr. SaadSaad had to attend a local university and study hard to get his pre-medical degree. Afterward, he had to travel to Cairo, Egypt and enroll at the Cairo University for his medical degree. It was not easy studying in a foreign land away from his family, but he managed to resist all of the temptations while in Egypt and he graduated second in class. After he received his medical degree, he had to go to the United Kingdom for his internship program. He went to a local English medical center, and after months of practicing his profession, he finally finished the internship program. To further his career, he had to go to Lebanon and take up a special examination that would determine whether he could train in the United States or not. He managed to pass the examination, and he left for the United States to expand his knowledge about his profession. Learn more: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html



While in the United States, Dr. SaadSaad met several people who changed his perception of life. One of them is Dr. H. BiemannOthersen, who served as his mentor and close friend. It was him who told Dr. SaadSaad that they should be providing their services to those who are in need, and to those who cannot visit the hospital and have themselves checked-up. He also told Dr. SaadSaad that doctors should not look at a person’s race or beliefs, but do what they have sworn in – to assist them with their medical needs. Touched by the words of his mentor and close friend, Dr. SaadSaad went back to Palestine to serve the people and initiate medical missions.


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