Eating NYC This Summer? Try These Spots!

New York City: The glitz and glamour, the talent, the new beginnings, the lights and sounds and, above all else, the food! With over 24,000 restaurants in the city, though, one could only imagine just how difficult it is to stay relevant and to not be replaced by daily competition. So, just which businesses are keeping their eye on the prize this spring and summer? Eater NY kept us up to date by publishing the 38 restaurants people must try when in the Big Apple.


Uncle Boons


Do not let the name of this establishment deceive you; it is not an old fashioned saloon, by any means. In fact, it is a Thai restaurant with an extensively eclectic menu designed to ignite the taste buds of all their guests. The Ahaan Kap Klaem is a treat of pig ears, whiskey, and chili–yum!


Superiority Burger


Much like Uncle Boons, there is a surprise with this place! Burgers, burgers, and more burgers are served up by the restaurant that claims their core value to be humility, but if you want a beef burger, look elsewhere. Superiority Burger is vegetarian, meaning that tofu, onions, and eggplant reign supreme here.


Los Tacos No. 1


Okay, one: Tacos are delicious. Two: They are fairly mainstream in today’s social media-driven world. With a day set aside for tacos alone (Taco Tuesday), there is no denying that people simply love their meaty, cheesy Mexican sandwich. Despite having no seating, this place is immensely successful and busy each day. If you want something aside from carne asada, consider the Nopal, also known as their grilled cactus taco. Quesadillas, chips and salsas, and many soft drinks are sold here as well.

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