Eggslut’s Food Makes You Forget Their Name

Breakfast options for those living in New York City are plenty, yet there’s always room for one more variation. In this case, the new place has an indelicate name, but brings with it strong pedigree that’s been at the heart of great success for those living in Los Angeles, with four places that bear its name.


That name is Eggslut, which was first opened by Alvin Cailan, and is now located at 62 Spring Street following its March 31 opening. It’s operating under the banner of Chef’s Club Counter and is the byproduct of some meticulous testing to determine such things as the proper size for the bun. That attention to detail may seem extreme, considering it took 16 different variations over the course of a month to get it right. Yet the process gives an indication that ensuring the quality of the food will also be an important facet of the process.


The three sandwiches that are available to diners are predictably not ones that they’d find at other places. One is the Soho Salmon, which has fish that’s been sliced thinly and also offers fromage blanc and pickled mustard seeds. To complete the sandwich, which was specifically designed for this particular market. a slice of Havarti cheese is applied.


The namesake sandwich, the Eggslut, is a convergence of potato and egg with a baguette that’s been toasted added to the mix. Perhaps taking into account more delicate diet considerations, this option lacks the healthy application of butter that similar varieties of this sandwich possess.


Finally, the Fairfax uses cage-free eggs that are joined by sriracha mayonnaise, chives, cheddar cheese and caramelized onions. The eggs are soft scrambled and have cold butter applied to them during the whisking process.


Of course, for people seeking out more exotic fare, there’s also a number of different options to consider eating. These include a grain bowl that includes things like vadouvan carrots, duck rice with orange puree, breakfast pizza and a burger that includes onions, melted pepper Jack cheese, Russian dressing and an avocado.



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