Eisenberg’s Not Planning on Change After Ownership Change

Maintaining the legacy established by some iconic New York City restaurants isn’t always on the agenda when an establishment is sold to new owners. However, in the wake of the sale of Eisenberg’s Restaurant in the Flatiron district, concerned diners don’t have to worry about the ambience of this classic place being changed.

Warren Chiu is that new owner and he bought the place on the condition that the restaurant would not be changed in any material way. Doing anything different would likely result in a backlash anyway, while Chiu reportedly has a soft spot for longstanding businesses like Eisenberg’s.

Enhancing the positives of what made the restaurant so great is the main focus, which could involve some minor tweaks along the way. As an executive with Warwick International Hotels, Chiu has the financial support to engage in wholesale changes if he sees fit. However, with decades in the business world, he knows when to stick with the knitting when it comes to running a business with this level of stature.

The former owner, Josh Konechy, had run Eisenberg’s since 2006, but had tired of continual pressure of dealing with the surrounding competition. In addition, having to work with the city government always hovering over them was an annoyance.

Prior to Konechy’s ownership, hamburgers weren’t on the menu. That changed when he installed an expensive upgrade to the restaurant’s vents. Yet with more fixes on the horizon, the financial investment seemed questionable.

Doing the basics well has always been a calling card for Eisenberg’s, with all of the past ownerships not interested in crafting innovative cuisine. Instead, long before the namesakes sold out during the 1970’s, the focus has been geared toward offering standards like egg creams. Chiu noted the appeal of buying a place that still produced the classic.

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