Financier George Soros Skewered by Glenn Beck in TV Documentary

Well known and respected financier George Soros, who made his fortune on Wall Street as a hedge fund investor, has been harshly criticized by conservative commentator Glenn Beck in a series of 3 one-hour programs on television. And not about his business practices or the wealth he has obtained.

Soros, who along with his business interests is a founder of anti-totalitarianism and liberal causes, has been accused of anti-Semitism by Beck, who contends that as a youth, Soros was somehow complicit in the World War II Holocaust, and was and still currently is an enemy of Israel.

George Soros Nazi, a Hungarian Jew born in Budapest in 1930, survived the Holocaust largely because of his father’s efforts to hide the family’s Jewish heritage by forging documents and faking identifications. While free from detection and capture, he went on to immigrate to England alone.

In England, Soros went on to study at the London School of Economics, developing a great interest and understanding of financial markets.

In 1956, he took a job on Wall Street, where he made his immense fortune, ranking him number 35 on Forbes list of the richest people in the world, mainly in stock and currency speculation.

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Among his interests, Soros has provided support critical to civil-society movements throughout the Soviet bloc, as well as pro-democracy initiatives around the world. He helps fund liberal party initiatives and advocacy groups, having spent millions of dollars in the Presidential candidacies of John Kerry and Barack Obama.

Glenn Beck, with both a radio program and seen regularly on TV, recently decided to take aim at Soros. He sees Soros as as evil figure, a “shadowy manipulator” who seeks to use his greatest advantage the media, unions, the Democratic Party and even the President of the United States.

Beck wrongly contends, much to the disbelief of many on both sides of the aisle, that Soros desires the destruction of America. He feels Soros, blinded by his own greed, wishes to advance a plot to formulate a global state, all powerful, which would be under his control.

Beck, what critics call “a purveyor of conspiracy theories”, feels Soros is a “Nazi tool”, having had the unmitigated nerve to survive the Holocaust. He claims Soros, on a worldwide basis, has spurred on coups, and implies Soros, even now at his advanced age, plans on carrying one out in the U.S.

In truth, and not mentioned anywhere in Beck’s documentary, is that Soros, through his Open Society Foundation, has given support to democracy movements in many countries worldwide.

Quite contrary to Beck’s assertions of what he feels makes up Soros’ composition, Lord Mark Malloch Brown has said he feels that 4 people brought down communism: Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and George Soros.

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