Finding Quality Poutine in New York Isn’t Difficult

Getting a taste of poutine is something that many people equate with a trip to Montreal or other Quebec-based establishment that’s located far from Manhattan. Yet New York City has its share of restaurants and deli’s that can satisfy anyone’s craving of french fries and gravy that’s the essence of this ever-popular item.

For more than a decade, the Mile End Deli on Hoyt Street has added wood-smoked meat and has managed to mix in pepper and coriander to offer a unique take. Venturing out to Long Island City will allow the diner to sample poutine that has gravy that’s been immersed in pork shanks.

Those looking for value will want to try out Pommes Frites on MacDougal Street, since a large order will get a hungry individual a full pound of potatoes. In addition, making the choice to take the For 2 option will double that amount at a price that will only set a person back a little more money.

At Amsterdam Avenue’s Dive Bar, the name implies a run-down greasy-spoon, yet the poutine has been one of the most popular choices for anyone taking the time to check the place out. To shake things up, the fries manage to get tossed with gravy, instead of being doused in a sea of this integral component. Another valuesteams from the fact that ample curds come with every order.

Located right across from One World Trade Center, Bar a Frites is very 21st Century in its delivery mechanism, using robots to create the french fries. This value also won’t allow the diner to walk away craving more, with the mere process of preparing this meal one also taken into consideration. A little showmanship can often be tiresome if the food itself is sub-par, something that Bar a Frites scrupulously avoids.

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