Flora Bar Merges Food and Culture at the Met

Fitting a quality restaurant within the confines of a New York City museum is a combination that doesn’t always mesh. When it comes to the Flora Bar, the duo of Ignacio Mattos and Thomas Carter are willing to take up that challenge and have the pedigree that affords them the sort of confidence it requires to succeed in this area.


The Flora Bar, which opened on October 11, is on the lower level of the Met Breuer, located at 945 Madison Avenue. It’s not really equipped to handle a huge influx of culture-minded individuals, given the fact that it only seats 74 people. However, those that do venture in will be able to sample a menu that doesn’t seek to overwhelm them with sumptuous feasts.


Instead, the mindset is more geared toward those looking for lighter options. It’s heavy on the seafood side, with most of the dishes cooked quickly. Things like tuna tartare, raw scallop, snow crab and oysters each have additional components that offer a more innovative take on standard fare.


However, those looking for more filling foods won’t be disappointed, though their wallet may take a hit. That’s because there’s a $65 omelette on the menu, with this one combining osetra caviar and trout roe. Meatier options include the traditional steak, lamb ribs and ravioli filled with lobster and crab.


For those who prefer their meals meatless, they can try the vegetarian Caesar salad. Meanwhile, the wines that are available with meals or at the bar were specifically chosen to smoothly merge with the seafood items.


There’s a small area for coffee drinkers where they can choose from different pastries while downing their java. This particular area, along with a spot to quickly pick up a sandwich, are only open in conjunction with the museum. The restaurant has a separate entrance in which diners can look out over a courtyard, thanks to windows than span from the floor to the ceiling.


The weekend prior to opening, Mattos and Carter welcomed family and some friends to sample the current menu.


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