Freeze The Meal

When it comes to Thanksgiving, you want your meal to be as easy as possible to serve and eat. You can easily make your Thanksgiving meal ahead of time with tips from some of the best restaurant chefs in New York. The main dish of roast turkey can be prepared in the days before Thanksgiving and frozen. Add a bit of butter on top of the turkey to put moisture back into the meat.


Turkey or chicken stock can be used to make gravy that you can also freeze and heat up to serve with dinner. Add a little salt and pepper when it’s heated for flavor. Green bean casserole is a popular dish for Thanksgiving. You can make the casserole before Thanksgiving and freeze it for a day or two. When you heat the casserole, top it with onions instead of freezing it with the onions. Whipped sweet potatoes are a delicious dish that can be made ahead of time. When you reheat them, add chopped pecans, brown sugar and marshmallows to complete the dish. If you want to freeze your stuffing, then consider pouring melted butter and broth over the top of the dish when it’s reheated so that it has a bit of moisture. Almost the entire Thanksgiving meal can be prepared ahead of time so that all you have to do is take the dishes out and heat them before putting them on the table.


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