French, Indian, and the All-American Ball Park: NYC Food Scene

The New York City food scene provides the state with the good, the tasty, and the downright out there. Plenty of mom and pop spots have stood the test of time, but the market is forever changing to make room for the rookies. Surely to sustain success in such a bustling city, it is important to compete with the best by offering cuisine that nobody else has. Restaurants in the city must add flair and pizzazz to an otherwise boring dish, which is just what these culinary geniuses are doing, as reported by Eater NY:


The Bombay Bread Bar


This Indian restaurant offers a multitude of cuisine focusing on- you guessed it- bread. Stuffed naans, bhel puri, and Indian street foods are a feel local favorites offer by the restaurant. A plethora of chutneys elevates the bread at this establishment and menu items like the tandoori octopus depict just how broad the cuisine is at the Bombay Bread Bar.


Yankee Stadium, Specifically Parm


While most would not consider hot dogs, peanuts, and popcorn gourmet and edgy cuisine, the restaurants located within Yankee Stadium are as fresh as they are upscale. Though Parm offers classic appetizers, like mozzarella sticks and meatballs, they throw a curve ball once in a while by offering outrageous items, including their buffalo cucumbers. Their award winning sandwiches are available for both take out and to eat in house, too.


La Mercerie


The restaurant will have you dreaming of the Eiffel Tower after you have enjoyed some delicious, authentic French pastries. An open kitchen shows guests just how gourmet food is created–with talent, patience, and a true passion for French cuisine. An extensive wine list ensures that the pastries won’t be the only indulgence you shall partake in during your visit.

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