George Soros Saves Many Migrants

Forced migration continues to disturb the peace of the world. Over 100 million people are constantly on the move seeking shelter. The people flee their homes and countries in search of peace and accommodation abroad. Some migrants escape war, terrorism and oppressive regime while others escape poverty injected to their system by their countries’ economy. George Soros puts blame on the government due to failed policies. The Hungarian –American citizen announced his plan to donate $500 million towards the funding of refugees by initiating businesses and startups.

In 1947, George Soros fled Hungary for England with the aim of collaborating with multinational organizations to assist refugees in wealth creation by investing wisely. Not only did Soros help refugees in investing but also, hinted that he was a benefactor. In his statement, George indicated the firm’s plan to seek investments in various sectors including emerging digital technology which aims at providing solutions to particular issues faced by refugees. A study by the U.N High Commissioner for Refugees and Accenture established that communication is vital for refugees hence their need for mobile phones on

In addition to cell phones for communication, refugees require food, shelter, safety and water for comfortable lives. Technology can assist refugees to access help from the government including health, legal and financial services. The investments made by Soros and partners will be monitored and owned by nonprofit organizations. According to Soros, the investments are intended to be successful, but their focus is on generating useful services and products to the migrants and host communities.

Following Soros’ opinion published in the Wall Street Journal, his core concern revolves around uplifting refugees and migrants relocating to Europe although he adds that George Soros will invest in good ideas to benefit migrants globally. A prominent research by Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees indicates that over 65 million worldwide flee their homes to seek shelter in Europe. Half of the refugees include underage children. The same research shows that 1.3 million migrants were seeking asylum in Europe. The high numbers of migrants and refugees in Europe have however ignited war among European countries who have not settled on a workable plan to solve migrant’s issues.

About George Soros
The founder and chairperson of Open Society, George Soros serves more than 100 countries via the branches of the firm. His dedication to Open Society has a positive impact on migrants including respect and peace. Soros commenced philanthropist acts in 1979 by awarding black South Africans under apartheid with scholarships. He offered primary help in undermining Communism in the Eastern Bloc through promoting Xerox machines to copy banned messages while rooting for cultural exchange with the whites. George Soros attributes his success to independence in financial markets.

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