Get Your French Dip Fix at Maison Pickle

If you are looking for an elevated take on French dip (along with other traditional American comfort foods), check out Maison Pickle on the Upper East Side. This new restaurant, which officially opens to the public on Saturday, January 14, specializes in classic cocktails and modern versions of old food favorites.


Maison Pickle’s signature item is its five, yes five, different takes on French dip, a sandwich consisting of hot roasted meat, a French roll soaked in meat juices, and a cup of extra jus on the side for dipping. This restaurant offers a classic roast beef, a deluxe version featuring Gruyere cheese and fried onions, a version topped with a slice of seared foie gras, and sandwiches featuring pork or lamb in place of the beef.


Other interesting takes on well-known dishes at this restaurant include clams casino featuring bone marrow, flounder Rockefeller, pig’s head confit, and black and white icebox pie for dessert. Start your meal with one of their breads baked in-house, namely the pull-apart garlic bread, as an appetizer. You can also browse their menu of simple and tasty cocktails like The American Trilogy, a mix of rye and applejack on the rocks.


Maison Pickle is owned and operated by Jacob Hadjigeorgis, owner of the nearby Jacob’s Pickles. The appreciation for fun drinks and comfort food found at Jacob’s Pickles radiates over to Maison Pickle, though the former focuses on Southern cuisine while the latter serves the stuff of turn-of-the-century high society. Check them both out to get your nostalgia fix!


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