Greg Secker Achievements as a Forex Guru

Greg Secker was born from a humble background on February 1975 and is a famous businessman, master trader, philanthropic and also a great public speaker. He is a great forex trader with a lot of experience in the field. He is also a very famous author who has written books that have helped him educate his readers on the best forex strategies. The books he has to write include Trading your way to success, Financial Freedom Through Forex and also a great contributor to the famous book of success. This book is about everything you would have ever wanted to know about success. His books have been read by so many people across the globe, and his writing skills have depicted great experience and very stable forex trading strategies. He has been able to enlighten millions of people about the basics of Forex Trading.

Greg Secker happens to be the proud founder of the world’s leading forex coaching companies in Europe. The companies have been of great benefit to so many people. They include Capital Index, Learn to Trade, FX Capital and so many other companies not forgetting Smart charts Software. Secker as a philanthropist has founded The Greg Secker Foundation. This is a non-profit making organization that has helped in the growth and success of so many people whose future has been doomed. He has been able to step in and fund them pursue their dreams.

Greg Secker is from Norfolk, England and attended the Nottingham University where he studied Food Science and Agriculture. During the time he was in school, Greg used to sell computers to fellow students as a means of survival. This in return helped him understand coding. After some time he became a coding expert and thus driving him towards getting his first job at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He was given the responsibility of coding a currency trading platform which he did successfully. This was his first exposure in the forex platforms and finance industry considering that he had pursued a completely different course. He later started practicing trading while working at Mellon Financial Corporations which he gradually became an expert. He has so far been able to penetrate very well in the market.

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