Has Dr. Dov Rand Found the Fountain of Youth?

For years people have been looking for the proverbial fountain of youth. It is very possible that Dr. Dov Rand has taken us several steps closer to that goal. Dr. Rand is located in West Orange, New Jersey. He specializes in helping people age in a healthy manner and is currently the president of the Healthy Aging Medical Center. Dr. Dov Rand focuses on issues of aging, from wrinkles to erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Rand’s model for aging care is rather unique. He concentrates on his patient’s total well-being, including diet, exercise, hormone therapy, physical therapy and dietary supplements. Dr. Rand’s goal is to not just maintain health but to rebuild the body’s natural immune system to its highest level. An interesting aspect to using Dr. Rand’s approach is that it actually rebuilds muscle tissue and also reduces adipose buildup within the body. The hormone therapy encourages the body to utilize its own natural healing process while building up natural hormone levels to that of a young person.

Utilizing Dr. Dov Rand’s program also improves one’s energy, flexibility, and strength. These improvements are monitored, allowing the patient to see their progress. Educational materials are also provided to all patients, so they understand their important role in their own therapy if they are to maintain the benefits.

It is Dr. Rand’s use of regenerative medicine which makes him stand out in a sea of doctors seeking to reverse aging. Dr. Rand seeks innovative treatments that have been peer-reviewed to utilize with his own patients, so stays on the cutting edge. While aging is inevitable, Dr. Dov Rand helps people to age well and to, in many cases, turn back the clock. His patients are more than satisfied with their treatments and are grateful to him for the positive changes they have seen in their minds and bodies.



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