Helane Morrison Inspires Other With Her Stellar Career Moves

I like people that are able to transition from one career to another and continue to rise. That is something that is inspiring. I have found, over the years, that Helane Morrison is a career woman that knows just how to keep her career on track by moving upward as she moves on from one company to another.

Helane Morrison started as a law clerk. This, to me, in the beginning doesn’t sound like something extraordinary. It is an honest living, but it is a far cry from where she is today. What I have found interesting is that Helane was able to start building her career from this point. It was a great stepping stone because it gave her the opportunity to learn more about law.

From this point Helane Morrison has continued to thrive. Her transition from law clerk is where things get interesting. She would love this concept of litigation so much that she would actually transition in law school and become a lawyer. I know that there had to be a new found passion for law because she already had a degree in journalism. Morrison decided to go down a completely different path, and that is what led her to a place where she could get familiar with the San Francisco Securities and Exchange Commission. This was a very interesting position where she became a Regional Director. I think that this was a good position for her to build her name.

Over time I think that Helane Morrison has become the person that has molded herself into someone that would fit very well into the Hall Capital culture. She is someone that knows the rules, and she is a consulting agency that keeps things in order for Hall Capital. I like the way she has become a person that is able to keep climbing the corporate ladder. I think that this is a role model for many people that are trying to enter any phase of the business world.

Morrison is someone that has been able to lead as a Chief Compliance Officer, and this is a role that many women were unable of. So many people look at the CEO positions, but Helane Morrison made a conscious decision to focus on a particular area and master it. That is what I have appreciated about her rise. She has remained focused and driven throughout her career.

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