Ho Foods Brings Beef Noodle Soup To The East Village

The growing Taiwanese Scene in New York City now offers Taiwanese comfort food in the East Village. Richard Ho is serving as both the owner and chef for Ho Foods. The specialty of this new restaurant is beef noodle soup prepared as modern, home-style Taiwanese food.

The restaurant seats ten, and is between First Avenue and Avenue A at 110 E 7th Street. This is the same space once occupied by Porchetta, the sandwich shop. Richard Ho has previously worked for Blue Ribbon Sushi in both Columbus Circle and Brooklyn. Taiwanese restaurants are becoming increasingly popular in NYC. Ten years ago only a few Taiwanese restaurants were open in NYC, and today there are dozens. Richard Ho stated his food is a reflection of the cooking his mother did, although he has made modifications for modernization.

The signature soup of the restaurant is beef noodle, and made using doubanjiang, a fermented bean paste, rock sugar, and numerous spices including red Sichuan peppercorns, cinnamon, clove and licorice. Richard Ho uses beef shank for his soup, and the broth consists of beef feet, bones, and marrow, and requires 24 hours to prepare. For more details, please visit https://ny.eater.com/2018/1/18/16905374/ho-foods-beef-noodle-soup-nyc-taiwanese-cuisine.

The diners at Ho Foods can choose between wide or thick wheat noodles, and their options include adding tenderloin, extra spicy, extra rich, or extra spice and rich for an additional charge. The base cost for his soup is $14.50, and for an additional $7, extra soup is available. The menu is extremely limited because the space is quite small. In addition to the soup, some side dishes are available including soy cucumbers, pickled cabbage, daily greens, minced pork rice and homemade, soft tofu. The tofu includes sweet soy, a century egg and bonito.

Ho Foods serves dinner between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. every Tuesday through Sunday, but closes on Mondays.

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