How Did Andrew Rocklage Get To Where He Is Now?

Breaking into the business world is not an easy task. Being successful in the business world is even harder. Not only did Andrew Rocklage make a name or himself in the business world but he did so by being wildly successful. Andrew Rocklage has built a career that is impressive for anyone, but considering he is still so young, it makes his accomplishments even more astounding.


Business had always been a passion for him, but after graduating from business school, Andrew Rocklage decided to go to law school. It was at Suffolk University Law School that he studied and attained his Juris Doctor. After graduating from law school, Andrew Rocklage knew that he wanted to get into business for himself and that is exactly what he did.


As a young mind and innovator, Andrew Rocklage looked at things differently, and through this vision has been able to create something amazing. Sky Zone Trampoline Park is a fun place or family and friends to jump around and have fun while getting in a good workout. There are many trampoline parks out there, but with Andrew Rocklage’s unique take on things, he managed to great a park that is talked about all over the country.


Andrew Rocklage does things a little differently at his business. His trampoline park takes things to the next level and his unique take on things is something he believed helped make his business so successful. Along with his unique take on things, Andrew Rocklage also personally interacts and screens potential workers to ensure that only the best are working for him. He wants to ensure that customers have a fantastic time by ensuring that the staff if not only qualified but is capable of having fun with the customers as well.


Andrew Rocklage was devoted to creating a business that did things differently, and that’s what he did. He used his unique vision to his advantage and created a business that flourished. In the future he wants to expand on his business and in the corporate world in general. Seeing at how successful he already is, it is exciting to see what he will achieve in the future.


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