How Envoy Boosts Productivity By Using OneLogin Software

Software company, Envoy has made big strides in productivity thanks to a collaboration with another software and tech company called OneLogin. Envoy, which is headquartered in San Francisco, California designs computer programs that let visitors to an office login into company and business systems using an ipad. Its software has helped eliminate the need for logbooks which can end up being inaccurate, lost and even insecure at times.

Envoy has now automated many of the login steps as well as registration needed to access company and business enterprise systems. Also included in the automation process are things such as visitor badges, photos, digital NDA and notifications to the host. This technology is now utilized all over Silicon Valley and beyond. It is popular with the the tech field and startups because it fosters productivity and enhances security at the same time.

Despite all of its pros, Envoy does have some things which it can improve. This is why it teamed up with OneLogin. Together they addressed the issue of moving employees across a company, into a company and out of a company’s IT infrastructure. When people moved into, across or out of a company, IT staff would have to update the systems and applications all over the IT infrastructure. The process proved to be time consuming, costly and a hassle.

Out of this need, both Envoy and OneLogin developed a system called SCIM or System for Cross-domain Identity Management. This new system provides some automation for things such as user provisioning. It helps streamline the flow of employees across, into and out of a company by letting key data be imported automatically into applications where employees are now assigned or have left.

Another neat feature of the SCIM is that system wide updates will occur as the profile of an employee or user changes. This frees up the IT staff tremendously and will save them an incredible amount of time that would otherwise have been spent updating individual applications separately and across the system. The new SCIM feature from OneLogin is available for Envoy Premium and Enterprise customers and can be easily integrated with existing accounts and IT infrastructure.

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