How MB2 Dental Solutions Was Founded To Bring Together Both Sides Of The Dental Industry

MB2 Dental Solutions is a firm that partners with the owners of dental practices. They handle the business side of running the dental practice while the dentist handles everything on the clinical side of the equation. It is a privately held company that is based in Carrollton, Texas, inside of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Its first round of funding was led by Sentinel Capital Partners. This venture capital firm invested in MB2 Dental Solutions in October 2017 as they were attracted to the way it does business and its unique relationship with the dental practice owners it partners with.

MB2 Dental Solutions started in 2007 when it began partnering with two dental practices. It now has over 100 affiliated practices in six states which are Texas, Tennessee, Alaska, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. What they offer to dental practice owners having complete control of the clinical relationship they have with their patients. This is combined with the benefits of being a part of a larger organization which means purchasing advantages, infrastructure, training opportunities, marketing, and compliance. In addition to offering their services to general dentists, MB2 Dental Solutions has also formed partnerships with orthodontists, oral surgeons, and those who perform cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Chris Villanueva founded this company and is the chief executive officer. He spent a number of years as a dentist himself. He says he owned his own practice at one point and also worked as a corporate dentist. This background gave him personal experience in the benefits and pitfalls of each of these sides of dentistry. His goal in creating MB2 Dental Solutions was to bring together the positives of these two sides of the industry while keeping out the negatives such as cumbersome bureaucracy.

One of the sayings at MB2 Dental Solutions is that they offer their affiliated dentists a career path rather than just a job. They offer the same values and vision as the dental practice owners they partner with. They also offer a very supportive environment to these dentists. This includes learning from other dentists affiliated with MB2 Dental Solutions and being able to go on annual team building adventures.

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