Incredible Achievements Of Michael Burwell At Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell is an avid leader in the success of Willis Towers Watson. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has a lot of skills and experience in finance. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1986.the knowledge in the Business administration that he obtained from the university has assisted in his career. He was employed to serve at Pricewaterhouse Cooper when he graduated from the university. Michael Burwell served in Quality Assurance department of the company. Michael provided service in the company for over 30 years. Pricewaterhouse Cooper improved in service delivery under the leadership of Michael. He instituted various policies that were vital in running the operations of the company.


Michael served at Pricewaterhouse Cooper as an auditor for 10 years. His productive leadership in the position led to his appointment as the leader of Detroit-based Transaction Services which is a subsidiary of the Pricewaterhouse Cooper. He led Detroit-based Transaction Services for four years before he was appointed to serve at Midwest Transaction Services. The exemplary that he provided in the dockets earned him another position as the leader of United States Transaction Services.


Michael Burwell received a promotion to serve as the Chief Financial Officer of PWC in 2008.his successful contribution to the office of Chief Financial Officer made the directors of the company to promote him as Chief Operation Officer in 2009.the able leadership of Michael Burwell enabled him to earn various promotions at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. He came up with various strategies that enabled the company to succeed in its operations. The tireless efforts of Michael in achieving the goals of the company guaranteed success.


Michael Burwell was promoted to serve at Willis Towers in 2017.he took over as the chief financial officer from Rogers Malay. The company majors in broking and advisory is based in Overland Park, Kansas. The company has assisted many private and public organizations in more than 140 countries. More than 40000 people have been reemployed by the company. See This Page for related information.


The company has been in operation for since 1828.the CEO of the company, John Haley, welcomed the appointment of Michael Burwell. He noted that Michael would lead the company to realize growth and increase the number of clients. Michael has a lot of skills that are vital in improving the operations of the company. He has demonstrated his competence through the successful records at PWC. Many organizations have increased their profit margin through the leadership of Michael Burwell.


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