Infinity Group: Helping Australian’s to build a stable financial future

Infinity Group Australia is the perfect epitome of a mortgage broker with a twist. The company analyzes client financial trends and like the problem solver they are, helps you reduce debt, cover the home plans faster, plan for your retirement and finally make the best investment decisions. Infinity Group was founded by Graeme Holm and his business partner Rebecca Walker. Together they have been able to redefine financial success and give it an attractive look.


Graeme Holm derived this excellent idea from a case where a person craves fitness success. Without proper guidance, you will take ages to get those biceps firm or the cholesterol level low. None the less, with a personal trainer, who is well adverse with the dos and don’ts, will guide you smoothly, meeting your targets within a short period. Holm is a personal financial trainer who teaches his clients how to manage and control their finances while guiding them on the right tracks to achieving their financial goals.


So what does Infinity Group do as a firm? Their technique is entirely different compared to other players in the market but has proved to be successful. Once you have your mortgage, Infinity Group will take your hand through all aspects of your finances. They will teach you how to pay off the mortgage on time and invest wisely. You will have your financial progress report after a short analysis that will help you work on your weaknesses and appreciate your strengths.


Infinity Group Australia reviews have been positive which helped them get noticed in the finance and investment industry. With their unique approach towards problems, the Australia Financial Reviews could not help but award their efforts. Recently, Infinity Group Australia made it to the list of most innovative companies in 2018 beating over 1000 pre-existing companies based across Australia and New Zealand. Having been in this business for only five years, this is undeniably a tremendous achievement for the company. Holm couldn’t have been any prouder stating that he looks up to see the firm grow and develop faster and better than ever before.


Graeme Holm gave credit to all staff at Infinity Group for their hard work, dedication, discipline, passion, and teamwork. He goes ahead to add that Infinity Group’s innovation culture, unique working process, and strategies have earned them the award and recognition. Holm plans to continue serving more Australians who want to realize their financial success. Learn more :

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