James Dondero Lends His Help to Soldiers, Veterans and First Responders

Soldiers and civilian emergency personnel may be better able to handle critical situations, thanks to the generous services of Highland Capital Management. Under the guidance of its president, James Dondero, the Dallas-based investment firm helped create a facility at the University of Texas at Dallas, which is dedicated to honing the mental skills of those who face the most dangerous and demanding tasks. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

The Brain Performance Institute and its subsidiary, the Center for BrainHealth, have developed a Warrior Training program that is specifically geared to the needs of soldiers, veterans and such first responders as police officers. The facility was made possible with a $1 million gift from Dondero’s company. Some of the funding provided by Highland was also used to create a lounge where veterans, active duty personnel and family members could meet.

The program is essentially an interactive workshop that uses the latest technologies and strategies to improve the cognitive abilities of its participants. Additionally, the program can help veterans make the often difficult transition to civilian life by weaning them away from the stresses of military service. More recently, the program began serving civilian emergency personnel, who often face the same trauma as those who serve in combat. A highlight of the program was the recent 2018 Highland Capital Warrior and First Responder Renuion, which also featured live music and a barbecue. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

A graduate of the University of Virginia, James Dondero started his career in the finance industry in 1984 and in only a few years would turn the business he created into a huge enterprise. He started Highland Capital Management in 1993 and soon became known as one of the most successful alternative credit managers in the world. His firm specializes in credit hedge funds and private equity accounts.

Highland is famous for its generous assistance to various organizations and institutions in the Dallas area. Recipients of its gifts include the Dallas Zoo and the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute. James Dondero is also known for his commitment to various philanthropic causes, including support for veterans and the educational and health needs of the community.
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