Jason Hope Sees Ray Of Hope In SENS Anti-Aging Solutions

Aging is one of the banalities of life that no one can seem to avoid, even with so many anti-aging procedures and treatments that have been invented and used. But there is something on the horizon that promises greater efficacy. This something is being promoted by SENS Research Foundation. SENS is the acronym for “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence.” The foundation bearing its name is a non-profit institution built and supported by scientists, researchers, private individuals and philanthropists. Its primary goal is to develop a biotechnology industry of rejuvenation that will accelerate the creation of drugs by way of a broad-based partnership from the ranks of damage-repair experts.

One of the philanthropists that give support to the work of SENS foundation is Jason Hope. He is among the biggest contributors of this foundation and has been actively supporting the research efforts of the foundation through his big donations. Hope hails in Arizona and one of his largest contributions to the foundation was made in 2010 in the amount of $500,000. With this sum, the foundation was able to build the SENS laboratory in Cambridge and equip it with the necessary tools and facilities to conduct its researches. This amount of money also enabled the foundation to start a new research program that breaks down the end products of glycation in human tissues. Hope believes that rejuvenation biotechnology is important and sees it as the healthcare industry’s future. Instead of searching for new form of treatments, SENS Foundation is focusing its research on rejuvenation biotechnology to help prevent diseases brought about by aging.

It is common knowledge that when people age, their natural metabolism weakens slowly and gradually. This process brings all kinds of adverse effects on the human body. In other words, age-related diseases are triggered by this process. SENS is striving to discover new ways by which human bodies can be repaired before the diseases begin to develop.Hope is a very successful businessman, investor, futurist and philanthropist. He was born and got his early education in Tempe, Arizona. He has a degree in finance which he earned from the Arizona State University. Upon earning his college degree, Hope enrolled at the W.P. Carey School of Business, also at the same university, and was given his MBA. After getting his MBA, he went on to practice his education and very soon attained success in business. Hope was able to build a good business reputation in just a short time. He is regarded today as a businessman who has the answers to all questions involving business and became a much-sought after business advisor.

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