Jay-Z Treats Friend to $110,000 Birthday Party

Jay-Z spent a little over $110,000 celebrating his business partner’s Juan Perez’s birthday. Along with four other people, the party stopped at three different locations. If you would like to recreate Jay-Z extravagant weekend, then you will need to visit these locations.

The party started by eating sushi at the midtown Manhattan restaurant known as Zuma. This izakaya-inspired pub is known for the quality of ingredients used in its sushi. While there are no reports of what the party ate, you may want to try the California maki made with snow crab, avocado and masago. Alternatively, you may want to try the pirikara maguro maki made with a spicy tuna roll with green chili, spicy mayo and tobiko.

The party then moved to Made in Mexico where Jay-Z picked up a $9,000 drink tab. While he may not pick up your tab, you can enjoy drinks and food at this restaurant where the wait staff is extremely attentive. The new Latin cuisine served here features many creative twists.

Rounding out Juan Perez’s birthday party, the group of six moved to the Playroom where they spent over $91,000. Most of the money went to champagne, although they did buy a few bottles of Ace of Spade’s wine. Jay-Z owns a part of this company. The staff at the Playroom is likely to never forget this night as Jay-Z treated them to an $11,000 tip.

In all, the six people spent over $110,000 on the birthday party for Juan Perez who is likely not to forget the party for a long time.

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